VPN Services

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TLR Technology Services is now offering VPN services hosted on our own VPS servers.

While there are myriads of reasons to utilize a Virual Private Network, the two most common reasons are to bypass geographic restrictions to access media in other countries (Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc) and to provide one with a secure connection when utilizing public WiFi hotspots.

You won’t have to deal with insecure poptops (PPTP), we only use OpenVPN and since we run our own servers, we don’t have hundreds of clients jammed into the same IP addresses.

Our most popular and convenient solution uses a second router in your home to create a second WiFi network that is tunneled to our OpenVPN servers 24/7. This allows any your media boxes, laptops, tablets and smartphones (or any WiFi enabled device for that matter) immediate access to the USA by simply switching the wireless network you’re connected to.

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