Plex Setup

by | May 13, 2019

  1. Goto and create a user account.
  1. Email your Plex username to [email protected] Indicate what you’d like access to (everything, kids tv, kids movies, adult tv, adult movies).  While waiting for a reply email, follow the rest of the steps to setup the software.
  1. Goto and download the Plex client installer.
  1. Install the software as you would any other software. Launch the software when finished installing.
  1. The first time you install Plex and run it, it should ask you to login. Login using the same credentials you made on the website in step #1.
  1. Click on the “Settings” button on the top bar:
  1. Click on Quality
    Change “Video Quality” to “Maximum”
    Click “Save Changes” button.
  1. Click on “TV Layout” button
  1. Click on user profile icon to bring up menu
  1. Click on “Settings” button
  1. Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the menus and enter to select.
    Scroll down to the Video menu and change
    Local Quality -> Original
    Remote Quality -> Original
    Online Quality -> Original
  1. Scroll down a little further to the “Network Cache” option and set it to “Large”
  1. Press “Escape” button however many times necessary to get back to main screen.
  1. Exit the Plex application gracefully one time to ensure the settings save.
    1 – Press Escape key or click on user profile button on top menubar
    2 – Select “Exit”
  1. Restart the Plex app and enjoy all the videos once your account is setup on the timflix server.

Handy Tips:

Use the backslash key \ to toggle fullscreen mode.

Use the arrow keys to navigate TV / Movie sub-folders

Playback seem “laggy” ?  Try pressing spacebar to pause for 5 seconds and unpause.  Usually this will fix things.